Project QT – Nutaku new game 2019 review and mod option. Gratis to use adder of mods

Project QT is new game made by Nutaku. Theoretically free to play, it requires some additional micropayments to get new levels faster. As usual for Nutaku, you may be a savior of the world again and help brave female manga warriors to rescue their universe. A
playground of the game is a battlefield that combines puzzles and regular combat. You start fighting with 1-star warrior each time and then you can upgrade them to 5-star fighters. But this article isn’t only the review or a gameplay for users – it’s a solution for all players who want to get extra items and enjoy Project QT more.

Of course, game features may be changed in the future. Nutaku cares about updates of their projects. One thing is important here – if there is any upgrade, this hack will be updated too to make playing Project QT always at the highest level of quality.

Project QT in details – before you use the hack

Is it worth to play Project QT? If you’re a fan of Nutaku projects, the latest game of this Mind Geek’s company should be a right choice for you. So let’s know Project QT better before you get an access to an special adder for game’s items.

Technical aspects of Project QT – is it possible to play it for free?

Every Nutaku is free to play but also each of them needs your cash to be more enjoyable and effective to use. You can do more at the same time if you have bought items. And now it’s the time to wonder if it’s worth to pay for artifacts with your private cash?

You must have Android smartphone or other mobile device with an operating system v5.0 or any newer one. What’s important the adder for Project QR is available to use also with PC computers. You can ask – why is that? Because items you generate are always added into your mobile account – and it doesn’t matter if you generate these mods with mobile or stationary appliances.

What is a plot of Project QT? Know a story of the game – because soon you’ll know all items that may be hacked with the generator

The plot of Project QT is similar to other Nutaku games’ stories. You recruit a team of hot manga warriors and help them to save their world. It seems to be similar other Nutaku propositions but you must know one thing and feel it in your heart – Nutaku can create the game that attracts all users attention. And probably the Project QT is the next proposition that will immerse you into this universe for a longer time.

A big plus of all Nutaku games is the fact that games aren’t only logic and interesting but also connected with great manga sexual content. If you have ever played in any other game from Nutaku, now you can see and imagine all hot chicks you have seen so far.

The adder for Project QT – hack mods and items you need in the game

Project QT has its shop where you can buy some additional artifacts. All these items are paid with real cash. And now it’s a simple question for you – do you prefer spending your own money in shop or it’s better to hack the system and get items and gems for free?

What can be purchased in Project QT? Familiarize with items you can find in the hack

In the shop you can find things like: – MONTHLY CARD: a. you have to spend 500 Nutaku gold to get it (it may be combined with a gold card) b. it provides 300 Gems and 300 VIP EXP instantly plus additional 100 Gems each day for a month c. in total you get 3300 Gems – GOLD MONTHLY CARD: a. its price is 800 Nutaku gold and it may be combined with a monthly card) b. it provides 800 Gems and 800 VIP EXP instantly plus additional 150 Gems each day for a month c. in total you get 5300 Gems.

What’s more, in the shop of Project QT there are also additional packages to buy, for example: – Alice Packages – Monster Gift Pack – Novice Pack – Basic Summon Pack.

Above mod packages have different content of gold, gems energy, coins, tickets, energy pills, potions and any other things that are helpful in play the game.

The generator that may be used by you in 2019 to get items and extras for Project QT for free

The Project QT mod apk system (called also the Project QT hack) is the tool prepared to provide different mods for Project QT. It’s simple to use and may generate you various items – from gold and gems to other extras.

What is the mod for Project QT that is able to hack this game?

The mod for Project QT is the generator that works to hack items and coins for you. With this adder you can get packages of gold, gems , energy and any other things you may buy in the shop of the game. Using the generator is free, there aren’t any fees to pay.

Why is the generator valuable for Project QT users?

All advantages connected with the hack are connected with having the access to all best game modes in the gratis mode. You can get all extras like gold or gems and save your cash. And what’s important, the system is regularly updates so it always work with the same high efficiency. If you’re interested in playing Project QT in 2019, this tool will provide you all necessary game modes.

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