Fake Lay Cheats that offer some diamonds? Here it is!

The possibility to try out different plans of luring women to your grasp is certainly an interesting idea for a game. Fake Lay gained publicity because of its remarkable gameplay. Still, the production, like many other of this type has one downside in common. It makes use of micro-transaction system quite a lot. As a result, there are a lot of payable features. To avoid situation you have to pay for it, we strongly encourage you to use an unofficial application. This is the way you can obtain everything you want and get any girl in this title!

The possibility to generate infinite number of diamonds to Fake Lay is like a dream for most of the players. This adult-only production offers extraordinary gameplay. It will suit even the most demanding players. Of course to make things more difficult, the authors had to implement some obstacles and hurdles. This is the best moment to use diamonds – a currency that can ease almost everything. This is why in order to enjoy one of the best porn games, we highly recommend using fake lay hack apk!

How does this tool work?

It is quite simple and does not need any detailed explanations. However, to make sure that everyone understands what is going on in here, we would like to clarify several things. First of all, it is important to remember that fake lay hack apk is a production that has one particular goal – to generate you all diamonds you need.

Feature responsible for generating diamonds is simply diamonds generator. It is the main part of our cheat to Fake Lay. In order to launch it, you just need to click one button. After that, enter the name of your account. Then, you will see how our fake lay hack diamond hack connects with the game servers. Later on it will do the same with your account. Now it is possible to generate all diamonds you desire without worrying about a single thing! Now you can choose how much diamonds to want!

What are the features of our software?

First of all, we should talk about compatibility. As you know, there are many different people who play Fake Lay. Some of them use iOS, others use Android. There are even people who play this game via their PC. No matter what you device is, it requires different coding. The same thing concerns our tool. This is why we give you fake lay hack android and ios versions! In this way you don’t have to worry about compatibility and you can use our tool on both mobile systems.

Noteworthy is also fact that one application functions as a tool for two separate systems. We managed to combine everything into one, creating an all-in package. This is why we believe that you can enjoy fake lay hack ios or android, or even PC version with this one particular tool!

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